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Green Your Home offers homeowner’s different ways on how to improve their ‘home living experience’ by introducing environmentally friendly features that save money. We offer simple advice to the full spectrum of homeowners on products, ideas and features that ‘work’. Worldwide environmental trends are closely monitored, and the website is constantly updated to ensure that the South African consumer remains informed of the very latest environmentally friendly initiatives and products for the home.

Our unique ‘What you need to know’ platform informs the homeowner of the benefits and negatives of individual technology offerings or products, and importantly in these trying economic times, the average payback period for each product introduced (where possible). We also offer special deals where orders can be placed directly with us.

We also offer homeowners a professional consultation service, for those consumers who are looking for a more detailed environmental solution. A qualified professional will visit your home and submit a comprehensive environmental audit, listing all possible products and features that can be introduced to improve your living experience, make your home more environmentally friendly and above all, SAVE YOU MONEY. We include a ‘before and after’ analysis of energy and water consumption. A project management service for all installations is also offered.

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Hycube Promo

Green Your Home now offers a range of turnkey solar power packages with the incredible Hycube Lithium Ion Storage solution. The Hycube takes advantage of the powerful lithium-ion technology which Read More

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Skylights reduce the need to use energy sapping artificial lighting during daylight hours. Skylights come in many forms, shapes and sizes and can be custom made to your requirements. The Read More

Under Floor Heating

Technology is currently available to heat your home with radiant heating systems that can be powered by alternative energy sources. The two options; namely hot water and electric heating systems, Read More

Eco-Friendly Gardens

We have unfortunately evolved away from planting indigenous organic gardens. Instead plants are imported from other countries or climates, pesticides and fertilisers are used to keep gardens looking good, and Read More


Home composting is a great way to recycle some of your household and garden waste. Practically anything that has lived at some stage can go into compost. This includes lawn Read More

Wind Turbines

Domestic wind turbines are a great way to harness natural wind energy and convert it into electricity for domestic use. By installing and connecting a wind turbine to your existing Read More